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Why use sanitary doors??

There are so many benefits to Sanitary kennel doors. The most obvious is how nice they look, they also reduce anxiety in animals by eliminating the caged in feeling they get from regular kennel doors and also reduce noise from animals barking by containing the noise somewhat.

Another great option for animal shelters is the swivel bowl feeders. They allow shelter staff to feed and water without opening the door. This eliminates the chance of an animal trying to rush the door and in an animal shelter environment can be an added safety measure.

We are hoping to have these doors on every indoor kennel run to create a happier more relaxed environment while they wait for their forever homes!!

If you are interested in purchasing a bone for 250.00 dollars to remember a loved one or to advertise your business please contact us at and put engraved dog bone in the title so we be sure to see it right away!!!

We thank all of you for your continued support!!!

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